What is meant by Jungle Juice?

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So, what is jungle juice? Jungle juice is typically made with fruit juices, alcohol such as tropical liqueurs, and sometimes other ingredients like sherbet or ice cream. It gets its name from the fact that it is often served in a big container or “bowl,” which makes it look like something you would find in the jungle.

Jungle juice is usually very sweet and fruity, but it can also be strong and potent thanks to the alcohol content. This punch is perfect for parties because it can be easily made in large quantities and it is sure to please a crowd. There are all sorts of variations on the jungle juice recipe, so feel free to get creative and add your own twists like adding some pineapple pina colada or strawberry liqueur to it. Just make sure you include plenty of fruit juice and alcohol for a delicious and refreshing drink that will keep your guests entertained all night long!

Fruit juices are a must for jungle juice; they provide sweetness and flavor, and help to balance out the alcohol. The most popular fruit juices for jungle juice are orange juice, pineapple juice, and grapefruit juice. However, you can really use any type of fruit juice that you like. Just make sure that you use enough to give the drink a good flavor without making it too sweet.

You can even make jungle juice using tropical liqueurs such as pineapple piña coladas. So, if you are looking for a fun and festive drink to serve at your next gathering, be sure to give jungle juice a try!

So now you know what jungle juice is; go out and try it for yourself! This punch is perfect for any party or gathering, so mix up a batch today and enjoy. Cheers!

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Sleeveless floral women’s summer dresses are a spiffing beatitude

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If you want to master the art of being beautiful, now it is the perfect time for you to dress well and shine along with the golden sunshine. Summer begins. The minute changes that you are going to make can make heads turn towards you. You should try exploring different types of apparel to melt the hearts of the target audience. Choosing the right accessories can bring out your uniqueness in a charming way. You’re going to look best in the pastel-colored chunky trainers.

Super womens summer dresses

If it is snow white, then it is going to be ridiculously comfortable and also beautiful at the same time. Beach girls play around and have fun. A girl’s attire and also the perfect footwear can be more personalized. The eye-catching and the bright-colored earrings can blend well. If the necklaces were brightly layered or if they were jelly-like jewelry, then that would be the perfect option for summer. Different textures can grab the attention, especially in the denim shirts and jeans that you wear. If it is less of a trend, then denim looks elegant. You can try the denim rompers. This could be the perfect outfit with a light-colored shirt inside.

Country style

Cotton womens summer dresses are ideal. A bold country look during the summer with a denim belt across your waist and lace dresses can make a style statement. Whether you are going to wear the rompers for your comfort or as a matter of personal wish, it’s going to be cute anyway. What suits you the most? It’s what highlights your charm. What is youthful for you? What’s more, depending on your preferences and available time, you can select the specific size and shape of the romper. Cotton summer womens dresses San Diego options are more for you now.

Carribean style

The ruffled ones may be the most appealing option for the summer. If you choose one, it can look a little bit like rusty. Despite the fact that there are numerous options, you can select the one that is best suited to your shape, size, and complexion. Tiny daisies on your skirt are always an attraction. The flowery pattern inspires men the most for its pattern in the Cotton summer womens dresses San Diego.

Maxi shirt

Depending upon the effect that you are going to explore in your meticulous details of your outfit, your choices can be anything from sunflowers to roses. Floral miniskirts and the ultra-trendy botanical print maxi skirt can look elegant. That’s a country side twist on the casual outfit. That helps you be unique. Tie straps are better than floral womens summer dresses. On the dais, you can watch out for some of the ravishing women with the floral dresses and tie-straps who will compete with you.

This is a perfect Combination if you are going to wear it with the perfect flip flop, also having a botanical pattern, but more simple though. Apart from the comfort feeling, an amazing personality depends on the unique preferences in your taste, regardless of where you go or which of the stores you buy from. Fabric decides the convenience to wear, when it comes to buying the best Cotton summer womens dresses San Diego.

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What services does a GP practice provide?

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In addition to general medical care, GP practices also offer a wide range of other services. These include:

Family planning: This includes such things as advice on contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy.
Maternity care: This includes everything from pre-natal advice and ante-natal classes to post-natal support.
Children’s health: This includes such things as childhood vaccinations, developmental checks and advice on common childhood illnesses.
Mental health: This can include anything from counselling and therapy to medication management.
Immunisations and vaccinations: Immunisations are an important part of preventative healthcare, and GP practices offer a wide range of vaccinations for both adults and children.
Travel health: If you are travelling overseas, your GP can provide you with advice on staying healthy while you are away, as well as any necessary vaccinations.
Chronic disease management: This includes such things as managing diabetes, asthma and heart disease. GP practices can provide ongoing support and monitoring for people with chronic conditions.
Health checks: These include routine physicals, as well as screenings for things like cancer and cholesterol levels.
Minor surgery: This includes procedures such as removing moles or cysts, stitching up cuts, and removing wisdom teeth.
Prescriptions: If you need medication, your GP can prescribe it to you. In some cases, they may also be able to arrange home delivery of your medications.

If you are not sure where to go for help with your health, your local GP practice is always a good place to start. With a wide range of services on offer, they can provide you with the care you need, whether it is general advice or something more specific. So, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to them a call.

If you are a general practice owner, and need to know how you can improve and enhance the services you provide at your clinic, then consulting with a practice management consultant will be your best option. They can give you the right advice on how to improve your standards and get more clients.

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How To Deliver Top-Notch Presentations – No Matter What the Topic

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Learning how to give an interesting and top-notch presentation is a skill that is acquired through practice. The key to presentations is that it isn’t always what you say. Sometimes it is how you say it. If you don’t believe it, then try a little experiment with yourself. Turn your television on but mute the sound. Flip through the channels and watch shows, movies and commercials without the sound. While you don’t know exactly what is happening without the sound, you do get a perspective from some of the scenes that you can see but not hear.

Here’s a little more reinforcement of the point. You walk into class one day and your professor doesn’t say anything but he starts a DVD that is flashing still photos on the screen one at a time. The first photo is that of a German guard standing watch over a humongous pile of emaciated bodies. The next photo is that of a mass grave filled with more emaciated bodies. After going through about 15 of these photos, the professor walks over to the TV and switches it off. Does he have your attention? Did he have your attention from the time that the first photo flashed on the screen?

Top-notch presentations and top-notch presenters are those that are able to keep their audience’s attention. A great way to keep your audience focused and also to reinforce your points is to use visual aids. Visual aids can be in the forms of photos, handouts, maps, charts, graphs, videos, or DVDs. You do not need to have a visual aid for every single point, but be sure to spread them out throughout your presentation at appropriate intervals.

Another great way to present is by getting your audience involved. Interacting with your audience keeps things fresh and moving. And depending on how you interact with them it keeps your presentation from being a monologue since it won’t only be of you talking, talking and talking. One way that you can interact with your audience is by asking questions of them:

“How many of you here have…?”

“Has anyone here…?”

Another way you can interact with your audience is by having them become part of an example. You’ve seen a magician’s act at least once in your life, right? For certain tricks the magician always asks for a volunteer from the audience. You can do the same thing with your audience, without doing magic tricks of course. Ask for someone to help you prove a point by doing whatever it is that you need them to do.

Handouts and games are a couple of other options to getting your audience involved and interacting with them.

The most important aspect of giving a top-notch presentation is to be prepared. Preparation happens before the presentation ever begins. Prepare an outline or speaking points for you to follow along during your presentation. Do not write your presentation out in complete sentences and then try to memorize it or read it word for word.

Speaking points or bullet points are memory prompts that will allow you to move from one speaking point to another with a smooth transition. Even if you have visual aids like PowerPoint slides or transparencies, have a copy of your speaking points written or typed out on a piece of paper or on index cards.

Another way to prepare for your presentation is to practice it as if you are really giving it to an audience. Once you have your presentation prepared stand in front of a mirror and practice. Give your presentation as if you are speaking to your audience. Saying it out loud will help you to refine and edit your presentation where necessary. You should practice giving your presentation over and over again until you feel very comfortable with it.

So the key to giving a top-notch presentation is to:

1. Be creative

2. Be prepared

3. Use visuals

4. Interact with your audience

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Coaching Tips For Powerful Presentations

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Tip #1 – The purpose of your speech is to get results; to help people make changes and think or act differently. So start with the end in mind. What do you want people to do as a result of your speech? What do they need to know to do this? What do they need to feel to do this?

Tip #2 – Show your audience that coaching is a process. It is different from consulting. Do some coaching (role playing) during your presentation. Let audience members see what it would be like to have you as their coach.

Tip #3 – Determine what kind of coaching the client wants and needs. Interview a few people before you give your program to find out what challenges they are experiencing. The program chair can provide you with a few names to contact. Then use this information in your speech content.

Tip #4 – People learn in three ways: Visual (what they can see), Auditory (what they can hear), and Kinesthetic (what they can touch). Try to include all three ways in your speech. Most of your audience will be visual and need to “see” what they “hear” from you. So tell your personal stories to support your points. When the audience hears your story(ies) they will feel connected to you.

Tip #5 – People have short attention spans. Review your main points before you end your speech. Don’t give them too much information. Most people only remember one or two concepts – so provide your best one or two ideas that will have the most significance to that particular audience.

Tip #6 – Be conversational by engaging the audience. Don’t lecture the audience. Adults love to learn but don’t like to think they are in school. Be interactive. Remember, the audience that gets involved with your material will learn something they can use immediately. A great speaker wants the audience to “own” his/her material.

Tip #7 – Use humor. This keeps the audience interested and they learn better. I don’t mean telling jokes. Use deprecating humor or make comments on common every day events, you know, the human condition. Bill Cosby is great at this. Think of others who do this well and emulate their style.

Tip #8 – Use strong openings. Examples: a story, a significant statement, a quotation, a challenging question. You really only have 60 seconds to connect with your audience. Then you must provide a speech that engages them. Using personal stories and sprinkling your remarks with humor will keep them interested

Tip #9 – Use Strong Closings. Examples: Provide a summary. (Tell ‘em what you told them) Review the main points, make a statement, tell an anecdote. Finally challenge them to take some action… immediately, in the next 48 hours, in one week, by the end of the year.

Tip #10 – Use an evaluation form. This will provide you with feedback to grow and make course corrections as needed. Keep it short and always ask, “Who else would benefit from this program?” “May I call you to get this information?” Then follow up!

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How to Develop a Winning Virtual Presentation

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It is not unusual in today’s economic climate for businesses to scale back on travel costs and to look for ways to reduce business expenditures. Even the recent Swine Flu Pandemic has many large and small businesses eliminating business travel entirely for non-essential staff. Some people will be overjoyed with this news – ah now I get to spend more time with my family, or more time on those work projects that get shoved to the bottom of the pile when I am away on business. Wrong! Now more than ever we have to manage our work time wisely. Online meetings are replacing face-2-face meetings for many workers. Not only is it a cost-effective solution but it is also time efficient when managed correctly. If it is not managed correctly, well I probably don’t have to tell you, but I will because we have all sat through those boring teleconferences where no one says anything and we all just kind of sit there.

So you might be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal? I won’t have a problem running a virtual meeting because I am very successful at face-2-face meetings.” Well that may very well be the case and for your sake I hope you do find the same success at leading a virtual meeting. But to err on the side of safety you might want to review a few key steps that will help ensure that you are a success rather than a bore that makes everyone roll their eyes -because if the air on the line goes dead you really don’t want to have to guess if your audience is sleeping do you?

The following steps have been compiled through research, mine and my colleagues, and feedback from participants.

Top Tips for Developing a Virtual Meeting

1. Have a game plan – create a one-page agenda that outlines the topics to be discussed and who is responsible for leading that discussion. Try to create a logical order for the meeting’s progression and cut-out non-essential information.

2. Set a time limit – limit your meeting time to no more than 1 hour and less if possible. Be respectful of everyone’s time and remember that nobody likes meetings no matter how charismatic you think you are.

3. Incorporate visual aids if appropriate- whenever possible try to incorporate visual aids that may help in facilitating the points of your presentation or illustrate a new concept for the group. These can be created in MS PowerPoint(TM) and then e-mailed to participants prior to the meeting. Alternatively, you might use a meeting/screen sharing program such as WebEx, Acrobat ConnectPro or GoToMeeting to share your presentation slides.

4. Behave yourself- adhere to the same business manners and behaviors that you would in a face-2-face meeting. If you are meeting with a client remember to address them and treat them with the same courtesy you would in a face-2-face meeting. Off-color jokes should always be avoided and don’t fall victim to such inappropriate gestures as eye-rolling – though your client may not be able to see you, your colleagues will, and it sets a bad example.

5. Say it first…and then say it last – take advantage of the fact that people remember best what they hear first and last. Tell them what you want them to know twice–once when you start and once when you finish the meeting.

6. Answer questions and say thank you- Before closing out your meeting ask your audience if anyone has any questions. And remember to say thanks – everyone likes to feel appreciated!

Use these six tips and you will be well on your way to a successful virtual meeting!

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How Much to Spend on Holiday Presents

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The holiday season is almost here. Now, what are you going to get your nieces, nephews, sibling-in-laws, parents and all other members of the extended family? With all the built in excitement of family gatherings comes the fun, yet sometimes stressful, component of gift-giving. A common set of thoughts on all of our minds revolve around how much we should spend on each family member’s gift. When it comes to selecting who to give gifts to, it is important to make sure you have a little something for everyone you will actually be celebrating the holidays with. So, what do you get a baby, teenager or adult and how much should you spend? According to recent studies and polls, the average amount of money spent on gifts varies by age, but generally the amounts tend to be around the $20 range.

Several parents submitted their thoughts about giving gifts to children in the 3-5 year old range and suggested the range of $10-15 as acceptable. These parents are all part of the Berkely Parent Network and the majority of contributing moms and dads stated that no more than $20 should be spent on such young children who will probably only use a particular toy once or twice before moving onto the next $20 item.

When it comes to purchasing presents for teenagers, $20-$25 is an acceptable range, however aside from gift cards, it can sometimes be difficult to find suitable presents in this range. According to one Web site’s findings, one of the top ten gift ideas for teenage girls this season is “Stickr Frames.” These frames are perfect for mounting pictures without the hassle of using nails, measuring or leveling; and they cost less than $20 for a set of eight. Other great ideas for teenage girls around the $20 range include bath and body product gift sets and perfumes. Teenage boys have been known to boggle the human mind for years; what is an appropriate gift for a boy who’s personality just can’t be read very easily? One interesting gift idea that has actually made the “Top Ten Gifts for Teen Guys” this season is a duct tape wallet. This gift is only $15 at some places and is definitely a creative idea. I’ve never seen one before, nor would I ever carry one, but I am sure my teenage brother would get a kick out of it, as would his friends.

Adults are fun to shop for because there are so many different routes you can take. If you are buying for a married couple, a smart idea is to buy a “couple gift” instead of singling out each individual and purchasing one present for both the man and woman. Giving singular gifts may lead to a silent comparing of each other’s gifts and the thoughtfulness behind them. I know my mom called me the other day to request what my husband and I wanted as a couple for Christmas because she would hate for either of us, more than likely my husband, to feel as if my family bought me a more sincere or valuable gift than they bought him. By giving a couple gift-one gift two people share-you have a larger budget to work with and you can still stick to the $20-$25 per person range. Some thoughtful ideas could be giving a “Dinner and a Movie Date Night” gift; this gift could consist of a $30 gift certificate for dinner and a $20 movie theatre gift card inside of a real popcorn bucket.

Giving gifts does not have to be stressful and you do not have to break the bank to make someone’s eyes light up this holiday season. And just remember, spending $20 is totally acceptable as it is the current national average for not only holiday gifts, but for birthday presents as well. Happy Holiday Shopping!

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Secrets Of Making Better PowerPoint Presentations

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Presentation has been one of the working experiences where the employees will display certain of data to the bosses or possible ideas and proposals are being brainstormed to bring across the message to the future co-operative investors. PowerPoint presentation can be a wonderful tool to enhance the ideas and attract attention span in just a short period of time. But, it could also influence how people perceive from the presentation; either mends if a good one is applauded and breaks if a bad one is despised. Sometimes, don’t you wish that the presenters just ditched the PowerPoint and just speak as it would be more compelling?

There are no recipes to make a better presentation but there are certain so called secrets. The most important rules are we must not put focus on the PowerPoint. It is a tool designed to augment their presentation and not be their presentation. You are the focus role and always are, never use slides and props to compete with your ideas. If you have fewer ideas, PowerPoint can’t save you and could just worsen the overall presentation.

A logical flow is needed for your presentation. The last thing on your mind is your preference to turn the outcome into a random assortment of bulleted lists. A good flow is a must, and better yet, do tell a good story to the viewers. If you manage to bring the people with the ride, they will follow you easily and you win their hearts over. In contrast, frustration and agitation will take over.

A readable presentation is essential, and yet hard to implement practically. We must always think of the viewers’ opinion, those near to the screen or far across the room. Do consider the content and not long blocks of test, appropriate fonts, no detailed report and no ‘title capitalization’ unless it’s a title.

People always stress that less is more. It is applicable as a basic dissolve from slide to another is sufficient as people will only remember the major points anyway. A handout can help them to stay focused as some tend to take notes.

The more you work at it, the better you can be with PowerPoint presentation. It’s an essential working skill to be mastered or to be useless, based on your opinion.

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50th Birthday Present Ideas – Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors Are The Ideal Unique Birthday Gift

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Trying to find the perfect gift for somebody can be enough of a challenge at the best of times but, when it comes to a significant or extra special occasion the pressure is on, especially if you are having to rack your brains for something like 50th birthday present ideas. How do you mark 50 amazing years of somebody’s life and help make the day really memorable?

Well, I think that I have come up with a really stunning solution that will put an end to you searching further for 50th birthday present ideas; in fact it is really appropriate too. Have you ever thought about or considered Bounty Hunter metal detectors? What a fantastic way to celebrate 50 glorious years of life.

When you think that tomorrow will be today’s history and yesterday is history already, to be able to give somebody the chance of getting out and discovering treasures from days gone by is absolutely brilliant. Not only are you giving a physical gift with the detector but, it is twofold because you will also be giving the chance of a whole new hobby and a hugely fascinating and addictive one at that.

Most people at half a century are pretty settled into a routine and sometimes (dare I say it?) can be a bit stuck in a rut, so the timing is spot on too. I suspect that metal detecting would not necessarily spring to the forefront of too many peoples minds as something to do but, what I do know is once you have that bit of kit on your arm and hear that tell tale beep for the first time, you will be hooked.

The other fantastic thing is that you do not need any experience to be able to find things. After all one mans trash is another mans treasure and who cares if for the first couple of outings you are unearthing rusty nails and some ring pulls? You will be actually treasure hunting and within a short space of time will be finding bits and pieces that may be not only of historical value but worth cash too.

The great outdoors is your search area and so the opportunities are endless. Lets face it, people have been wandering far and wide for centuries and either losing, misplacing or even deliberately hiding stuff for that length of time, which makes metal detecting pretty exciting. Who knows what the search day will bring for you? You could even start in your own backyard and see what secrets you can get it to give up.

I suppose you could always go for the safe 50th birthday present ideas and get a watch or some other piece of jewelry but how much more exciting to be able to find your own on a days expedition rather than just opening up a wrapped box.

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Presentation vs Conversation

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Why overcoming nerves may be as simple as a shift in perspective

Do you sometimes doubt your ability to present well?
The truth is, there’s not much difference between a presentation and a conversation. A presentation is nothing more than a conversation on a larger scale – perhaps with more purpose, more clarity, and some preparation, but a conversation nonetheless.

You… shy?
I work out with a fantastic personal trainer. He comes across as smart, entertaining, perceptive and very motivating. (I actually look forward to our sessions!) I asked him recently if he ever thought about building his business by making presentations within companies that want to promote health and fitness to their employees. He looked at me as if I had just suggested we head to McDonald’s for a healthy snack. Turns out he’s petrified of public speaking.

How could someone who’s so great at conversation lack the confidence to talk to more than one person at a time? Too often, people fail to appreciate their own strengths or see a broader use for the things they do well.

What skills do you use?
Think about it. When you’re having a conversation – with a friend, colleague, spouse, about something serious or frivolous – you use the same skills that make people good presenters, without thinking about it consciously.

  • You use words to communicate your thoughts
  • You use a tone that matches the subject (light, heavy, funny, sad, etc.)
  • You make sure the person can hear you
  • You use your hands, body and facial expressions for emphasis
  • You look directly at who you’re talking to

Sounds like what you do when making a presentation, doesn’t it? Of course it does! Think about that the next time you doubt your abilities.

Expanding the conversation

Yes, there are of course some differences between having a conversation and giving a presentation:

  • Proximity: Generally you’re much closer to your “audience” when having a conversation.
  • Pace: Most presentations are given at a slower pace than when speaking to a friend.
  • Tools: Rarely do we have conversations that involve a microphone!
  • Structure: Conversations are generally much less structured in language and format than more formal presentations.

But upon close examination, the similarities far outweigh the differences.

With a slight shift in thinking, it’s easy to start viewing a presentation as an enlarged and directed conversation…one that you’ve had the time to practice and prepare for. As for my trainer, we had a conversation about it and now he’s starting to look at public speaking from a slightly different perspective.

If similar fears have been holding you back, maybe it’s time you shift your perspective.

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