Secrets Of Making Better PowerPoint Presentations

Presentation has been one of the working experiences where the employees will display certain of data to the bosses or possible ideas and proposals are being brainstormed to bring across the message to the future co-operative investors. PowerPoint presentation can be a wonderful tool to enhance the ideas and attract attention span in just a short period of time. But, it could also influence how people perceive from the presentation; either mends if a good one is applauded and breaks if a bad one is despised. Sometimes, don’t you wish that the presenters just ditched the PowerPoint and just speak as it would be more compelling?

There are no recipes to make a better presentation but there are certain so called secrets. The most important rules are we must not put focus on the PowerPoint. It is a tool designed to augment their presentation and not be their presentation. You are the focus role and always are, never use slides and props to compete with your ideas. If you have fewer ideas, PowerPoint can’t save you and could just worsen the overall presentation.

A logical flow is needed for your presentation. The last thing on your mind is your preference to turn the outcome into a random assortment of bulleted lists. A good flow is a must, and better yet, do tell a good story to the viewers. If you manage to bring the people with the ride, they will follow you easily and you win their hearts over. In contrast, frustration and agitation will take over.

A readable presentation is essential, and yet hard to implement practically. We must always think of the viewers’ opinion, those near to the screen or far across the room. Do consider the content and not long blocks of test, appropriate fonts, no detailed report and no ‘title capitalization’ unless it’s a title.

People always stress that less is more. It is applicable as a basic dissolve from slide to another is sufficient as people will only remember the major points anyway. A handout can help them to stay focused as some tend to take notes.

The more you work at it, the better you can be with PowerPoint presentation. It’s an essential working skill to be mastered or to be useless, based on your opinion.

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