Creating Effective Presentations Using a Full-Featured Conference Calling Service

From good public speaking skills to the effective presentation of visual aids, clear communication between participants is the most important factor in any business meeting. This fact is emphasized when using a conference calling service. Since the meeting will be conducted remotely, it’s important to make sure that all discussions are heard loud and clear; otherwise, misunderstandings can escalate from simple internal inaccuracies to critical mistakes.

Typically used for conducting client meetings, sales presentations, project meetings and updates, training, and other forms of corporate communication, conference calling services have made it more convenient for companies to hold meetings without getting in the way of productivity. Such a service eliminates the need for employees outside the main office to travel and attend meetings, especially if they are located in different parts of the world.

Given the role of such services in a company’s daily operations, it’s essential that the chosen conference call service offers tools that do not only make the message clear and comprehensible, but also easily retained by members of the audience. Examples of such features include desktop sharing and call recording.

Desktop sharing, also known as screen sharing, provides you with the ability to share your computer screen with other participants during live conference calls. With this, you can increase the effectiveness of your presentations, as visual aids enable your audience to understand your message better. In fact, based on a study by the Wharton Research Group, conference calling with visual aids increases message retention by as much as 400 percent, compared to verbal discussions that only have retention rates of approximately 10 percent.

Furthermore, Doug Malouf, one of the country’s most outstanding keynote speakers, explains that 75 percent of all environmental stimuli are received through the eyes. This clearly shows that adding desktop sharing can increase the effectiveness of your presentations.

Call recording is also an important feature your chosen conference calling service should offer. It allows participants to easily download and play back previous meetings, and also enables them to review the points discussed and clarify details that you, or your associate, may have missed during the meeting. You can also email these recordings to participants or save them for future use.

By making sure that your service provider offers features like desktop sharing and call recording, you can rest assured that every presentation you deliver will effectively explain all the important details you aim to discuss and leave no room for error in terms of how your associates, employees, business partners, and other corporate parties understand your message.

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