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50th Birthday Present Ideas – Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors Are The Ideal Unique Birthday Gift

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Trying to find the perfect gift for somebody can be enough of a challenge at the best of times but, when it comes to a significant or extra special occasion the pressure is on, especially if you are having to rack your brains for something like 50th birthday present ideas. How do you mark 50 amazing years of somebody’s life and help make the day really memorable?

Well, I think that I have come up with a really stunning solution that will put an end to you searching further for 50th birthday present ideas; in fact it is really appropriate too. Have you ever thought about or considered Bounty Hunter metal detectors? What a fantastic way to celebrate 50 glorious years of life.

When you think that tomorrow will be today’s history and yesterday is history already, to be able to give somebody the chance of getting out and discovering treasures from days gone by is absolutely brilliant. Not only are you giving a physical gift with the detector but, it is twofold because you will also be giving the chance of a whole new hobby and a hugely fascinating and addictive one at that.

Most people at half a century are pretty settled into a routine and sometimes (dare I say it?) can be a bit stuck in a rut, so the timing is spot on too. I suspect that metal detecting would not necessarily spring to the forefront of too many peoples minds as something to do but, what I do know is once you have that bit of kit on your arm and hear that tell tale beep for the first time, you will be hooked.

The other fantastic thing is that you do not need any experience to be able to find things. After all one mans trash is another mans treasure and who cares if for the first couple of outings you are unearthing rusty nails and some ring pulls? You will be actually treasure hunting and within a short space of time will be finding bits and pieces that may be not only of historical value but worth cash too.

The great outdoors is your search area and so the opportunities are endless. Lets face it, people have been wandering far and wide for centuries and either losing, misplacing or even deliberately hiding stuff for that length of time, which makes metal detecting pretty exciting. Who knows what the search day will bring for you? You could even start in your own backyard and see what secrets you can get it to give up.

I suppose you could always go for the safe 50th birthday present ideas and get a watch or some other piece of jewelry but how much more exciting to be able to find your own on a days expedition rather than just opening up a wrapped box.

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Presentation vs Conversation

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Why overcoming nerves may be as simple as a shift in perspective

Do you sometimes doubt your ability to present well?
The truth is, there’s not much difference between a presentation and a conversation. A presentation is nothing more than a conversation on a larger scale – perhaps with more purpose, more clarity, and some preparation, but a conversation nonetheless.

You… shy?
I work out with a fantastic personal trainer. He comes across as smart, entertaining, perceptive and very motivating. (I actually look forward to our sessions!) I asked him recently if he ever thought about building his business by making presentations within companies that want to promote health and fitness to their employees. He looked at me as if I had just suggested we head to McDonald’s for a healthy snack. Turns out he’s petrified of public speaking.

How could someone who’s so great at conversation lack the confidence to talk to more than one person at a time? Too often, people fail to appreciate their own strengths or see a broader use for the things they do well.

What skills do you use?
Think about it. When you’re having a conversation – with a friend, colleague, spouse, about something serious or frivolous – you use the same skills that make people good presenters, without thinking about it consciously.

  • You use words to communicate your thoughts
  • You use a tone that matches the subject (light, heavy, funny, sad, etc.)
  • You make sure the person can hear you
  • You use your hands, body and facial expressions for emphasis
  • You look directly at who you’re talking to

Sounds like what you do when making a presentation, doesn’t it? Of course it does! Think about that the next time you doubt your abilities.

Expanding the conversation

Yes, there are of course some differences between having a conversation and giving a presentation:

  • Proximity: Generally you’re much closer to your “audience” when having a conversation.
  • Pace: Most presentations are given at a slower pace than when speaking to a friend.
  • Tools: Rarely do we have conversations that involve a microphone!
  • Structure: Conversations are generally much less structured in language and format than more formal presentations.

But upon close examination, the similarities far outweigh the differences.

With a slight shift in thinking, it’s easy to start viewing a presentation as an enlarged and directed conversation…one that you’ve had the time to practice and prepare for. As for my trainer, we had a conversation about it and now he’s starting to look at public speaking from a slightly different perspective.

If similar fears have been holding you back, maybe it’s time you shift your perspective.

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How to Give a Killer Presentation

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Depending on your line of work, there will come a time when you are will be required to make a presentation on an issue. Talking in front of a crowd can be intimidating even to the most accomplished presenters, but with a thorough mastery of the necessary presentation skills, any one can make flawless presentations.

Presentation skills

There are three skills relevant to making presentations. They include: the use of visual information, rehearsing and practice and finally the command of three.

Visual information

Human beings react more to images that to words. Our memories work best when put to task through the use of visuals. Always remember this piece of information and use it to your advantage. During presentations, utilize diagrams, pictures, graphs and tables as much as possible. Your audience will retain more of what they saw than what you talked about. Again you are more likely to send your message to your audience when you use visuals instead of plain talk. 

Rehearsing /Practice

This cannot be said enough. A rehearsed presentation will speak for itself. It is flawless and points are discussed articulately. To rehearse effectively you should do it in front of others. This gives you the confidence you will need to talk in front of your intended audience. They can also point out the areas of you presentation that need to be improved. Use a clock to time yourself so that you can know how long you will take. People get bored easily with long speeches. You should also try and memorize your presentation. This will save you the need to keep on referring to your written materials. It also shows how prepared you are.

The command of three

Research shows that people remember things I threes. It therefore follows that after your presentation, your audience will only be able to remember three things. These three could be the most important or the least important message you wanted to send to them. To ensure that they take home exactly what you want them to, you will need to organize you presentation in three stages. Structure it into the introduction, the body and the conclusion and then find ways of adding information around these three points.

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Spectacular Content Presentation Tips – Persuasion Depends on Whole Brain Communication

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Using Whole Brain Communication

The persuasiveness of a presentation is dependent upon balancing both left and right brain thinking. Utilizing whole brain communication is a holistic approach to presenting, and it works.

The Persuasive Communication Presentation Model encourages constructing more balanced communication, involving both the left and right brain thinking (B/T) to make up, produce, and convey presentations more easily to the audience and allow the audience to more easily receive, handle, and recall the information presented.

What Is Left Brain Thinking?

Left B/T is:

  • Analytical
  • Detailed
  • Logical
  • Sequential
  • Organized

This is the type of thinking that presenters generally target. Left brain thinking targets facts, statistics, and graphics.

What Is Right Brain Thinking?

Right B/T is:

  • Holistic
  • Big picture
  • Empathetic
  • Conceptual
  • Imaginative
  • Intuitive

This is the type of thinking that tends to get neglected by presenters. It is also what connects the audience emotionally with the presentation and causes action and lasting impressions.

Persuasive Communication

The Three Levels of Persuasive Communication

Persuasive communication works on three levels. These levels are the sensory, emotional, and analytical levels. Each level has a left brain and a right brain dimension to consider. Many people do not understand how the human brain processes on these levels. The human brain processes items on a sensory and emotional level before it processes them on an analytical level.  To disregard the sensory and emotional aspects of the human processing function is to ignore two-thirds of the entire communication experience.

The existing communication standard puts its emphasis on a highly logical and analytical, intensive informational style. The typical audience description is that a presentation is repetitive, predictable, uninspiring, and confusing. This overlooks the fact that delivering persuasive communication every segment is important. You must create a strong correlation between both left brain and right brain processes. Balancing sensory, emotional and analytical channels is key.

Because the target of any presentation is persuasion, you must construct your exposition in a way that will tantalize both the left brain thinking and the right brain thinking. The holistic approach does not neglect either way of thinking.

A presentation that is completely focused on logical, detail oriented facts will never appeal to two-thirds of the communication process at all, and is therefore incomplete. Likewise, an exposition that is solely centered around the emotional and sensory levels, neglecting any facts, will not accomplish its goal.

The persuasiveness of any communication will only be complete when both left brain and right brain thinking is considered and the production is targeted to account for them. It is also incomplete when any one of the three levels of persuasive communication is neglected. Communication absolutely must be balanced to be persuasive. If you are a presenter, you must make it your goal to master these concepts and implement them fully in your presentations.

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Why Presentation Folders Are So Popular?

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There are many varieties of folders. They are used for many purposes. They can be found everywhere. They help in many tasks. They have made our daily routine life a lot easier. The basic purpose of any kind of folder is that they help in managing documents in a way that is efficient and effective without any effort.

Starting with a file folder, we can go through many other kinds of folders. They are all used for various purposes. Some of them are for general use, like a file folder, while some are for specific usage, like a presentation folder. They may be used for as general a use as the document management or they can be used for specific usage like the certificate folder.

Like all other folders, the structure of these folders is also the same. They also produced from paper or plastic. They may be two panel or three panel. They may also have clips or pins to capture the paper or other documents safely and securely. There is every possibility to make them more personalized by using the customization option. If they are modified, they may be called the custom presentation folders.

They may be used at any place and in any settings. Mostly, their usage is contained within the business community. The use of business presentation folders is really one of the most important aspects of the business these days. They help in managing important business documents easily. They are produced to serve this purpose and they do so with perfection. Their ease of use is also of particular benefit in performing these duties.

With their specific designs, the cheap presentation folders are also good for business and large companies in terms of cost savings. They can be produced at lower costs with no compromise on quality or functionality. Many companies choose to save costs to spend it on more obvious and apparent marketing tools like posters op flyers. The printing companies may also offer huge discounts on the printing of these folders when the order is in bulk quantities. There are also other advantages if these folders. They are good for soft marketing as well.

For a printing product, the design plays an important role in its success. This is the reason why many companies choose to opt for professional help in designing and printing A4 presentation folder. With the help of online printing companies, very attractive designs and products can be produced at lower costs. They are also helpful in time saving.

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