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Better Presentation Skills for Better Results

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Transform presentations into sales with the right technology and communication tools

Learned in tandem, a program like Microsoft PowerPoint and good presentation skills can form a powerful partnership. Here are some easily implemented (yet too often not followed) tips that can transform a presentation into a sale:

Shoot down bullet points
Quit using all those bullet points. Despite considerable evidence that people who are reading aren’t listening, presenters continue to load up on slide text.

If you want people to hear you, use chiefly all-graphic slides to reinforce a message. When you do use text, place it closer to pictures for better retention.

Change direction
Don’t overstate. People tune out after 20 minutes, so change up what you’re doing frequently with personal stories and humor. Create a toolbox of openers, closers and games that can be used in different presentations, or pulled out in an “emergency.” This is a key technique for everyone with good presentation skills.

Who is in the audience?
Understand your target audience. Different cultures, employee levels, and ages will respond to different stimuli. Understand objections, hidden agendas and disruptions you may encounter and how to handle them as well as how to read audience signals and tailor your presentation to them.

Develop a clearly-defined personal style, including everything from how fast you talk to how you move, then customize as needed to engage specific audiences. Reinforce this targeted approach with handouts and other complementary tools.

Make the most of your technology tools
In PowerPoint, for example, create re-usable PowerPoint templates that vary colors, fonts and effects to customize easily for multiple environments. Learn about such tools as Notes, Handouts, Packaging for CD, Custom Shows and Presenter View to dial up professionalism, appeal and retention.

By learning presentation skills and technical skills together, you can dramatically increase effectiveness, efficiency and excitement-all leading to a healthier bottom line.

No grammatical distractions
Make it grammatically “spotless.” If content is great, but grammar is lousy, you could wind up needlessly losing respect-and, in turn, sales.

A true story about a district court judge denying a motion solely on the basis of poor writing illustrates the often-overlooked importance of good grammar: In denying the motion, the judge used a red pen to mark problems with structure, capitalization, word choice, and other shortcomings-and ordered the offending lawyer to show his client why the motion was denied. A newspaper article detailing this account pointed out that, “This provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the vital role grammar plays in communication.”

When conceptualizing your next presentation, consider substance, style and syntax together to help ensure a satisfying and productive outcome.

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Which Projectors to Use For Your Presentations?

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Presentations depend greatly upon the way they are projected. If the projectors that you are using is not displaying your slides in right way or right order, no matter what effort you have put in making them, most probably it will not generate required sales or recommendation for you or your project. Since we only have one chance to make our first impression count, it is better to not to rely upon cheap projectors.

Since there can be a wide variety of images and slides that you will be presenting, it is better to rely upon high resolution graphics that can help you in reinforcing your images both in contents and quality.

A good way to make and present the presentation in a desired way is to put your contents and images in a parallel line of information. If you will just present the images with out presenting necessary written information with it, your audience might only consider you a talking head. If you will go to the extent to provide the copies of the presentation to your audience or participants or you can email the stuff to them, it can significantly help them in understanding the material in a better way.

In order to create and keep the interest of the audience in your presentation its better to show the images in a way that pose different questions. Later on by offering the solutions to all such problems by you or your company can very well realize your worth to your audience. If you will use humorous images, it will not only keep your audience or participants fresh but also keep their concentration and attention alive into what ever you are doing. For all such kind of presentation, powerpoint projectors are a good option to consider.

This step comes once you have prepared your presentation completely. Selecting the appropriate presentation projector is as necessary as making the contents or inserting the appropriate images. The size of the projector should be according to the size of the place where you are going to present your presentation. Though you can efficiently work with inexpensive equipment while making presentations in some small room, but if that is going to be held in some large hall, you will surely have to rely upon some sophisticated projector. Something that is more important than the presentation itself some times.

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Presentations: Who Said You Must Be Perfect?

May 28 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

To almost everyone who delivers them, presentations mean pressure. Time pressure, preparation pressure, content pressure, rehearsal pressure – you name it! Subliminally we all experience it, to a greater or lesser degree. The degree is more often than not related to the experience of the presenter. The real reasons are less obvious. Here’s why:

You know that you can speak, because you do so everyday, very fluently. Logically, a speech or presentation should be merely an extension of speaking. Well, it’s a lot more than that. It involves planning, preparation, rehearsal, review and logistics. And then of course, for some reason, you will want it to go well. Why?

Our desire to deliver an excellent presentation stems from our deeply held need for acceptance or belonging. We want others to like us and accept us. When delivering a presentation we are put on the spot. So the need to be accepted is amplified. In order to do it right, we misinterpret the real requirement. We believe we need to be perfect – and that is close to impossible. Hence the pressure.

The good news is that you don’t have to be perfect – nor does the audience expect it or need it. What they require is for you to have taken the trouble to structure your information in a way that it flows logically, is understandable and perhaps entertaining too. They want to get your message. “Perfect” is the furthest thing from most people’s minds – in fact they have no interest in whether you are perfect or not, nor do they care – so stop trying to be.

Rather have a conversation with them. The most important adjustment is that you project sufficiently to be clearly heard and that you stick to the golden rule – when your mouth opens your eyes must be UP – making eye contact.

Next time you attend someone else’s presentation, ask yourself if you expect the presenter to be perfect? You don’t do you? There are many reasons why they may not be perfect – perhaps they’re presenting in their 2nd language? Your own focus is likely to be to get the message loud and clear. So when you are the presenter, that’s exactly what your focus should be. To deliver your message clearly and in a manner that is easy to digest. Perfect is not a requirement, so please take the pressure off yourself, be human and enjoy persuading the people who have honored you by coming to hear you speak.

Paul du Toit, Author of “You Can Present With Confidence”, Presentation Skills Coach and Certified Speaking Professional

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Legitimate Debt Relief Options – Debt Negotiation Vs Credit Counseling

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Consumers are not always in troubles, the government has introduced different methods to solve the liability problems that consumers are facing. There are legitimate debt relief options available to help people solve their problems. Legitimate debt relief options are made for the well being of the public and when there will be well being of the public, automatically the government and the economy will be positively affected. The two best options for eliminating massive debt issues are debt negotiations and credit counseling. People mostly inquire whether to go for liability negotiations or credit counseling. The answer is that the selection of any option depends on the current financial situation of a debtor.

Debt Negotiation:

This is a very speedy way to get out of debt troubles. This method is designed for those who are thinking of filing bankruptcy and have no money to pay back to the creditors. In this method the debtor ask for a discount in the amount of loan that needs to be repaid. This discounted amount is 60 to 70% lower than the original loan amount. Debtors receive a discount in the interest rates charged on the remaining amount and get extra time to repay the loan.

Due to all these characteristics, loan repayment through this method is considered very easy. This is even considered as a healthy option because the creditors get back some part of their money. The deficit of this option is that the credit report of a debtor gets affected and he faces problems in acquiring loan in near future.

Credit Counseling:

According to this method all the loans taken by a creditor are considered as one and a single interest rate is figured out for the entire loan amount. This interest rate is 25% lower than the actual interest rate. The benefit of using this option is that now debtors do not need to make multiple monthly payments, he just has to make one single payment each month. The debtor even receives help in repayment of the loan.

Those people who can pay their loan amount in full should exercise this option as this option has zero or very little affect on the credit report as the complete loan payment is being made. Those who have no money left and can get rid of liability by paying a small chunk of money should use liability settlement.

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Making Your Presentations Powerful

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

You may know the feeling. Your heart starts to pound a little faster, your mouth goes dry. The truth is, making a presentation is just as nerve-wracking for some adults as getting up in front of the class was when you were a child.

Even if you are someone who excels at speaking in public that doesn’t mean your presentations are as powerful as they could be. In fact, for people who enjoy speaking to groups it may be tempting to just wing it. But the only way to make a truly effective presentation, one that makes a deep impact on your audience, is to thoroughly prepare.

And it’s not just about what you say, it’s about how you use your voice, your face, and the written word simultaneously. If that sounds daunting, remember that making powerful presentations is a skill that can be learned, and can be taught. Believe me, I know from trial and error doing my own presentations over many years.

Here are my Top Tips For Achieving Powerful Presentations, aimed at avoiding the most common presentation pitfalls.

Remember when your teachers used to tell you to write an outline before you embarked on that essay or project? It might have seemed a tedious part of the process, but it’s key to starting your powerful presentation. In other words, get organized! Write a rough outline, and the rest will follow, and adequate preparation will maximize the impact of your presentation.

Most presentations include a visual element too, and your visuals need to complement your oral presentation to have real impact. Your goal is to make every word count. This means thinking carefully about how you want to use your slides.

Slides need to enhance your oral presentation; yet be comprehensive enough to inform those who may have missed the live show. But avoid jam-packing your slides with too much text. Think of them as a point form outline rather than your full presentation script. (Imagine for a minute enlarging the text of your entire presentation script to fit the meeting room wall: disastrous and distracting!)

That’s why it’s important to keep your notes pages, (not visible to your audience), as the source of all that you need to say, while your slides contain just the key, crucial points. And be sure to keep the number of slides to a minimum.

It’s tempting to get drawn into fancy graphics, but will that get your message across clearly? Nope. You want to avoid the hype. Let your content play the starring role. Leave the fades and dissolves to Hollywood. Your words should tell the real story.

My final point in this post is about something we’re all guilty of from time to time: laziness. But when it comes to creating point form notes for a presentation, laziness is not your friend! Resist using improper grammar and incorrect spelling, it will trip you up during your presentation. What you need to do is proof & practice. In other words, proofread your material, because poorly constructed writing deflects from your message. And practice. Not just in your head, but out loud. You’ll catch errors and polish your presentation, even if talking to yourself feels a little, well, silly. I do it all the time. It works!

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Debt Negotiation Methods – How to Use the Fear of Bankruptcy to Eliminate Unsecured Debt

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Although you can begin construction your personal credit score, it will take a lengthy time, may be more than seven years or up to ten years. Bankruptcy is also a defeat for the creditor because the whole amount, which is to be improved, will be mislaid. If you have affirmed bankruptcy, then your creditor has to forfeit the whole amount that was supposed to be paid by you.

While opting for debt negotiation, it is significant to identify few details and facts about the progression of settlement. However, there is no need to worry if you have hired an excellent economic firm because the debt negotiation process is completed officially. Insolvency is not a sympathetic suggestion for any person because it affects the individual economics and the economic account will be pessimistically noticeable. This can make a trouble in the future because the economic organizations will not be ready to assist by provide money through loans or advances.

Many people have taken the correct choice of taking assist from the economic firms. The genuine economic firms are specialists in provide official economic assist to the people for removing their liabilities. When you approach for the responsibility diminution assist, they will initially merge the liabilities and then the debt negotiation progression follows it. Now you identify that bankruptcy can get you more economic difficulty, it is better to prefer the liability diminution or amendment scheme through a good settlement firm. However, there is abundance of liability settlement firms that can be establish on the Internet, nowadays. You must also understand the concepts of settlement as well as the debt concession progression before you apply for the legal assist.

If you are well conscious of the progression that are concerned in the settlement, then you can be conscious of the misleading firms that will cheat you. There is no need to worry, but all you have to perform is a little research on the Internet just to get out the information and details of the settlement processes and complete the necessities of the company. In this way, you can find your liabilities detached and you can simply avoid the state of bankruptcy.

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How to Deliver a Great Presentation – 5 Top Tips for a Professional Confident Presentation

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Tip 1 Structure Your Presentation

Ensure You Have High Quality Content In Your Presentation. Remember if your objective is unclear from the outset your presentation will lack structure and direction. Research the content you require and mock up a skeleton structure for your presentation ensuring it has a beginning, middle and end – mind mapping is a useful tool to assist with this. Consider the needs of your audience – ensure you create flow and don’t feel compelled to pad it out, often less is more.

The way to a great presentation is to remember that presentations don’t have to be death by Powerpoint for your audience. Being good at Powerpoint does not make you a good presenter! Make your content more unique by using graphics, images, animation or video to make your point(s). A key aim should be to deliver an informative yet memorable presentation, therefore don’t be afraid to “chalk and talk”. Avoid large numbers of slides all jammed with too much information – your audience will simply disengage.

Handy Tip - consider the role our senses play in assimilating and digesting information – sight 75%, hearing 13%, touch 6% and smell and taste both at 3%. Structure your presentation so it appeals as much as possible to your audience.

Tip 2 Preparation And Practice

Obviously it goes without saying ensure your grammar, fonts and text size are consistent and spell check everything. Ask someone to proof read any slides or material.

Ensure you memorise your slide transition – what order do your slides run in? When does your animation or video run? If you have a co-presenter be clear on who is presenting which content?

Handy Tip - if using flipcharts pre-prepare them and make them bright and eye catching. Write cues, such as metrics and key facts, in faint pencil on the flip – your audience won’t be able to see them and you will have a cue to stop you losing your place or forgetting key facts.

Practice makes perfect! Practice on your friends and family and ask them for feedback. Can they digest the key messages? Do your points land home? Do you hold their attention – is your delivery succinct? Do you display positive body language? Get them to ask questions, practice pausing before answering questions, give yourself some thinking time – albeit limited!

Consider filming yourself (which is great for self awareness) on an iPad or other device so you can review your delivery and implement any changes.

Consider any logistics such as invites, instructions, details of the venue and any changes. Plan your travelling time and route. What equipment do you need? Arrive in enough time to gain entry to the room/venue to set up and test equipment; there is nothing worse than being flustered because you are short on time and then finding the equipment doesn’t work.

Tip 3 Know the content of your presentation inside out

Knowing your content thoroughly will ensure you are able to speak freely, enabling you to field questions from your audience. It will also prevent flapping around with cue cards or slides. Pull in key experts if necessary to co-present but ensure you portray yourself as knowledgeable about the subject.

Don’t set yourself up to fail, nerves are natural and adrenalin can be channelled positively to achieve effective presentations. However, you must know your content. If prior to the presentation anything is still unclear be confident enough to revisit your content, in order to clarify your understanding before delivering the presentation.

Tip 4 Be Engaging, Showcase Yourself And Create A Positive Impression

The first rule here is don’t worry about being nervous, that’s perfectly natural. Just hold in your mind the image of a swan gliding majestically and gracefully across the water – that image is you giving your professional and compelling presentation. Under the water the swan’s legs are kicking frantically to enable it to glide, seemingly effortlessly, through the water. This represents your nerves, which your audience can’t see. Remember if you make a mistake your audience won’t know – just carry on.

Be aware that in terms of effective communication it’s not just about what you say or write – studies have shown that your audience will be influenced 50% by your body language, 40% by the tone you use to deliver the presentation and only 10% by the actual words you choose.

Be self-aware, watch the body language of your audience – are they still interested in your presentation? If you need to regain audience interest don’t be afraid to flex your communication style and adopt a different approach such as throwing out questions to the floor to gain participation.

Handy Tip - be brave. Don’t be afraid to deliver a presentation with little or even no Powerpoint slides, you will be remembered by your audience for all the right reasons and so stand a far better chance of landing your message(s).

Tip 5 Finally Follow Up On Any Actions

Questions are great as they create participation and engagement.

Handy Tip – capture any questions you could not answer as a “Car Park” item or on a “Talking Wall”. Be sure to follow them up after the presentation and get back to the audience with the answer. Swap business cards or contact details – networking is valuable.

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Eliminate Credit Card Debt – Why Debt Negotiation is Currently a Popular Choice in America

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In terms of eliminating credit card debt, debt negotiation has been an appreciated topic in the United States. Why has debt negotiation currently been a popular choice in America? The answer is quite simple. It is because people do not want to face bankruptcy.

Now that we have made the start to our discussion, you should know that debt negotiation has been picked up as the premiere debt elimination process as it is the most proven way in answering debt issues of people. How has it acted? Well, it has been the mere process of handling unsettled unsecured debt of people to a point where the individual have got less to pay than they owe. Or in other words, debt negotiation is currently a popular choice in America because it reduces the amount of debt you owe to credit card companies.

On the other hand bankruptcy plays a part where the consumer will have to face tremendous disadvantages in times to come, once taken. As a matter of fact, bankruptcy stands in the way of the consumer who has taken the bait in many aspects namely, in picking apartments, financial benefits as well as bank loans. This is the reason to which bankruptcy has been disliked the most.

But, debt negotiation has been accepted as it deals merely with the process where you contact a debt relief service and sit back and watch as it will bring your debt down considerably by speaking to your creditors. Here, it speaks to your creditors on behalf of you as a third party. This certainly is a very easy and convenient process just as it sounds as long as you contact a pioneer debt relief service. This will eliminate credit card debt as well as your depression created by financial issues.

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Why Use a Car Negotiation Service?

May 23 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

For many, the process of purchasing or leasing a new vehicle is daunting. If you are in the market for a new car, a car negotiation service is a great option to consider. There are many advantages to using such a service.

The first and maybe most obvious reason is to save money. Because of the knowledge and contacts, these services can save you a couple of thousand dollars. Some service providers have polices where there is no charge if they cannot save you any money. Generally, these companies charge around $500 and will save you several times that amount.

A second reason is to save time. For many, time is as valuable as money. Generally speaking, most people don’t have the time or the inclination to research pricing and leasing data for vehicles. If you have ever purchased or leased a car before, you have likely spent a couple of weeks trying to get the best price. If you did not invest time and energy researching and negotiating, you probably didn’t get such a great deal. Car negotiation services have researched all of the important information on a vehicle, including invoice pricing, manufacturer programs, residuals, interest rates, money factors and other money saving strategies called hidden money. Once you gather the financial information on a car, you need to spend the time putting it to use by calling and visiting different dealers to find out who has the specific car you want at the price you want it for. Car negotiation services have all the dealer management on speed dial and can quickly go to work finding your vehicle at the best price. They save you the time of researching the financials and finding the car.

Reason number three to use a car negotiation service is to reduce frustration. A visit to a car dealership can be wrought with it. Let’s start with product knowledge. You will often get conflicting or wrong information on features, trim levels and even specifications like engine size and power. Another area of frustration is the “super short” demo drive. These test drives are often so short; you only get the faintest sense if you like the car. In addition, if you don’t buy then and there, you can count on hounding phone calls every couple of days. Hiring a good negotiation or consultancy service will ensure that you have a good test drive experience and will not be hassled. The consultant buffers you from any emotionally taxing situation by representing you during the negotiation process. You return home and the service will canvas the area and find a dealer willing to do the lowest possible price and bring the deal to you.

Last but not least, a good car negotiation service will help consumers get informed. Some of these services will guide you through the entire car buying process by helping you create a list of vehicles based on your needs, and visiting dealerships with you to test drive cars. They will review vehicles with you and explain how prices are calculated. You will not only get the lowest price, but will understand how it was arrived at. Most people who work in car negotiation or consulting services have worked in the automobile industry and know the industry inside and out. Opting for these services allows you access to this information and knowledge base.

If you do not have the time, want to spend the time or are not comfortable in the vehicle price negotiation process, consider using a professional service. If you do not want to spend the money, consider a service that will charge you nothing if they cannot save you money.

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Why Get Training on Negotiation Styles?

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There are lots of areas of importance in a negotiation, including the financial bottom line, your reputation, and the reputation of those on the other side. (In mutuality based win-win negotiating, we always care about how the other people are doing too).

So why get training on negotiating styles? Here are three reasons:

Increased Focus on Relationship:

1) Professionals going into a negotiation most often focus on the bottom line dollar. The money piece is of course (usually) the main emphasis but, should not be to the exclusion of all the other factors involved in the negotiations process. In fact, money will suffer if you do not attend to the people aspect. Negotiators are human. People trade tangible concessions. The relationship between the negotiating parties absolutely influences how well the “trading” goes. So, deepening your ability to read the other party and work with them with more ease will positively impact how the process goes along with the bottom line end results.

Know Yourself Better:

2) When you decide to get even better at working with the negotiating relationship, it makes sense to start with yourself. Yes, you think know your self well. But, knowing yourself in each and every negotiating relationship takes a bit more consciousness. None of us relate in a vacuum. The other party always has influence with us. You need to know ever more clearly what triggers you, what troubles you, what pleases you? What are your current blind spots (the other may very well see and exploit them)? What values do you need to have honored by the other(s)? What personal as well as professional goals are at stake in the negotiating process?

Know Others Better:

3) As we said, you do not negotiate in a vacuum. Nor do the others at the table. After getting clear that you need to lend more attention to the relationship side of negotiating, it is probable that those on the other side of the table have not yet learned this secret to success. So be prepared to do the brunt of the flexing work. Flexing? The key is to study the people you are negotiating with to see what makes them tick. Why? Not to take advantage of them (that can lead to win-lose which is truly lose-lose) but to support them in getting what they want too. If you can master the practice of flexing to be a bit more like them, they will see you as more familiar, therefore more of an ally. People work more easily with people they see as similar to themselves. This familiarity and ease brings both of you more success. Flexing takes LOTS of practice but it is well worth the effort once you have been trained on how to relate to the others at the table even better than you do now.

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